Defining Different Kinds of Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Hydraulic hoses generally use the supply of water so as to operate or move a piece of machinery. The hydraulic hose fittings which are used in hydraulic systems are attached to and transmit hydraulic power to another device.

Defining Different Kinds of Hydraulic Hose Fittings

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Depending on the origin of relationship, hydraulic hose fittings are grouped into different categories like O-ring, flareless, elbow, pipe, flanges and face seal. The criteria of the hose fittings on machines are determined by the Society of Automated Engineers (SAE).

Some of the features that differentiate different types of hose fittings are:

• O-Ring – These fittings resemble an"O" with a number of threads which are screwed into the pipe or the hose fitting to provide a secure connection. These fittings may be male or female and may include a face seal, flat-faced or flange type. These rings are designed in a manner they can hold a pressure of approximately 2500 to 3000 psi.

• Flare less – These kinds of fittings include a ferrule body which tightens on into the nut and compresses the tube in a way that it penetrates the outer diameter of the tube and seals it. Flare less tube type requires less tube preparation and can withstand a pressure of approximately 3000 psi.

• Elbow – These sorts of hydraulic hose fittings can be found in different sizes that are essentially 45 levels for both male and female combined with 37 and 90 degrees.

According to the title of the fitting, both ends of the fitting are on the hose in the designated angle. Elbow is usually utilized in plumbing applications.