Risks of Genetically Modified Foods and the Role of Agribusiness

Have you noticed the size of today's green peppers? As a matter of fact, when you walk through the hallway results you might impress with how fruits and vegetables look shiny, colorful and larger than life.

Also called recombinant DNA technology, this practice is changing the core genetic make-up of organisms. This genetic manipulation gives scientists the ability to create properties that they want – naturally unnatural. These foods can cause life-threatening diseases like cancer. There are many lawyers who are working to provide some financial compensation to the patients.

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Food marketers have decided to be sweet tomatoes, peppers bigger and blemish-free fruit. And scientists have met their specifications. If not perfect, food marketers assume, or rather, dictate that we do not want it. But GM food is far from perfect.

Lawsuit Against Monsanto

Simply put, GM food is food grown from seeds that are genetically modified DNA. Examples of gene modification are the insertion of Bt into the seed.

Biopesticides are touted as being less dangerous than chemical pesticides because they are biologically based (being a virus, bacteria, pheromones, natural plants, etc.) is different from synthetic chemicals, but the pesticide active ingredient is a virus, fungi or bacteria, or natural products derived from plant sources may also be far from benign – even though the origin of 'natural'.

Additionally, Bts combine with our own gut bacteria genes; ingesting food treated with pesticides that are harmful Bts bore in the human body.

What is the role of agribusiness in this entire clearly not altruistic one? Giant Corporation Monsanto is at the forefront of the issue. Monsanto is the largest producer of hybrid seeds or GM. Monsanto is now patenting of seeds that restrict farmers from the use of anything other than their seed. Farmers have actually been sued by Monsanto to do otherwise.