What Are Swimming Pool Heat Pumps?

Swimming pool heat pumps are used to maintain the temperature of the swimming pool between bearable range all around the year including the extreme summer and winter. This machine does not generate heat themselves but rather act as a heat exchanger by collecting heat energy from the atmosphere.

The evaporator withdraws air from surroundings over a coil filled with refrigerant becomes a gas. Then compressor enhances the pressure of the gas which results in more heated gas and it passes through a condenser coil which transfers the warmth to the circulating pool water.

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There are so many swimming pool heat pumps manufacturers, supplier, exporters India. They sell these machines at different capacities, but how should you choose the right size heater for your pool.

Heaters for swimming pools are rated by their heat output in BTUs. The more BTUs your unit puts out, the faster the temperature of the water in your pool will rise.

Due to the wide variety of sizes and shapes of pools and the different climates where pools are found, the BTU rating should be kept in mind while purchasing this. A person can determine the size of the unit you need by measuring the surface area of your pool and the temperature range you wish to maintain during all the seasons.

You can also determine this figure yourself using tools available online. Once you know how many BTUs you need to heat your pool, you can begin comparing different models of swimming pool heat pumps.