How to Clean Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining walls are often intended as decorative and practical, and when they look good, they can add significant attraction to your garden or yard. The only problem is that each retaining wall will eventually accumulate dirt, mold, plant material, and various types of gun that can make the block look stained and ugly.

Fortunately, cleaning back beams is relatively simple, and with the right tools and attention to detail, every stained or dirty retaining wall can be restored to its glory. For more information, you can check out prime retaining wall blocks contractor in Atlanta, Georgia.


Part of what you need to consider before you try to clean a wall or a few blocks is that the method you must use depends on what is made of the wall. If it's an old stone wall that has stood for decades or more, or if it's made of precious antique bricks, it's a bad idea to go with cannon and damage the wall using the wrong chemical or cleaning agent.  

Then, this is the basic cleaning option:

* If you clean the stone retaining wall, invest in a number of professional level degreaser, and insert it directly into the reservoir on your garden hose sprayer. Soak the entire area for cleaning, and wait ten to fifteen minutes for the degreaser to work.  

* If you clean a retaining wall made of brick or concrete blocks, start by using ordinary dish soap in your garden sprayer. Using a dish soap and toothbrush solution, scrub carefully in the stained part. Spray the soap with a power sprayer, and let the wall dry.

* If you clean concrete blocks and soap does not remove stains or dirt, fill your garden sprayer with bleach. (Remember to take appropriate safety precautions, by wearing glasses or safety goggles, and appropriate clothing.) Spray onto the wall with bleach, as above; then let it dry.