The Double Memory Foam Mattress

A double memory foam mattress is probably the most reasonable investment you can make to improve your sleep situation. They are used throughout the world, not only for their convenience but also for all the health benefits they provide.

The increase in their overall popularity is mainly due to their ability to reduce pressure on aches and pains and extraordinary heat-sensitive abilities, which are in accordance with the shape of the human body. You can also purchase double foam air bed online.

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They are widely available in different price ranges so it is important for consumers to do research before choosing the right one for them. Visco-elastic foams, developed by NASA as material to protect astronaut flight seats, protect them from the powerful G-forces they experience during takeoff.

This is the same material used in a double memory foam mattress. New material soon found its way to hospitals throughout the country and eventually throughout the world as mattresses helped fight pressure ulcers in patients who were confined in their beds for a long time.

It uses foam which is a temperature-sensitive form of polyurethane with special additives that help create self-adhesion properties for a few seconds after being exposed to sources of heat, such as a person's body.

The elastic characteristics allow the double memory foam mattress to resist changes in shape and return to their original shape after changing from body temperature and pressure.