Tips For Buying High Visibility Workwear

If you work in an environment where visibility is very important, you need to wear a kind of Hi Vis Work Wear. In some environments it is necessary because of health and safety regulations, while in other environments some people feel safer because they are very visible.

You will recognize it with reflective tabs on clothing and they have a variety of styles and colors. We have made it easy for you to choose some high visibility clothing with a few practical tips below. Which clothes?

Ask yourself what type of protection do you need? Do you work in conditions where you need protection from bad weather? Do you need full clothing or just a Hi Vis layer to make you look? You can buy custom printed office wear to promote your brand well.

With Vests, T-Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Bomber Jackets and many more included in the Hi Vis range, the choices are endless. Your choice will also be determined by the weather. Jackets, Fleece Jackets and Hoodies are all popular in Winter, while Vests & Shirts are popular during the summer.


How many did you pursue? Some companies will offer better prices on single clothing while others will be cheaper if larger in large quantities. Shop around and take potential offers yourself.


You can find Hi Vis clothes in various colors. Yellow & Orange tend to be popular colors but you can also find Red, Blue & even Pink Hi Vis clothes.